Why Do I Have Loose Skin?

There are several causes of loose skin or loss of collagen:

1. If your stomach is not acidic enough, you can develop a lack of digestion for proteins (collagen). This is common and happens as we age or take antacids.

2. If your vitamin C status is low, collagen will not be formed and you can develop loose, flabby skin. This is not as common as Number 1 but can occur.

3. If your adrenals are overactive, high cortisol can destroy your body’s protein collagen pool and turn protein into carbohydrates. An overactive adrenal gland (high cortisol) is very common.

4. Insulin resistance due to diabetes. Insulin’s function is to allow amino acids to enter the cells. When you have diabetes or insulin resistance, insulin can no longer drive amino acids into the cell, which results in the deterioration of your body proteins – this is the most likely cause of flabby skin in women in the ages of pre- and post-menopause.

5. The last cause could be a deficiency in trace minerals. Trace minerals are those minerals needed in small amounts and are required for the formation of protein in the body.