Reasons for High Cholesterol

High cholesterol may come from an overactive adrenal gland causing high cortisol levels. However, the most common cause of high cholesterol comes from the consumption of refined carbohydrates or sugar. Sugar triggers insulin. Insulin then lowers sugar levels in the blood. It lowers it by converting sugar into fat and cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterol called LDL.

The process of fixing high cholesterol levels is the easiest thing to do! Simply reduce insulin and your cholesterol will come back into a normal range within a month. To do this, you must reduce the intake of all sugars and hidden sugars like breads, pasta, cereal, and crackers, pancakes, etc. The other thing that will increase insulin is snacking. If you were to eat 2-3 meals per day (no snacking), you could dramatically reduce insulin levels and thus cholesterol. Vitamin D3 replenishment can also reduce cholesterol. Bile, in general, keeps cholesterol in check. Therefore, supporting normal bile production is important also.