Low Libido (in women)

There are multiple reasons for this to occur. Low libido can be because of high stress and adrenal fatigue (high cortisol). This results in having high cortisol and in the blockage of testosterone. Insulin problems can also shut off libido like a switch.

In addition, insulin blocks testosterone. Lack of sleep can turn it off as well. Menopause will create a strain on the adrenals because they now have to act as the backup organ to compensate for a loss of ovarian function. But this is really due to adrenal fatigue. Also, high estrogen can block testosterone, so women with estrogen dominance have lowered libido. Isolate your problem and address the specific cause. If, after doing this, your problem still persists, consider that there are certain remedies people take. Don’t laugh, some people use black mountain ants, silkworms or ginkgo biloba. But unless you focus on the real cause, everything will become expensive. 😊