Causes of Bloating, Belching, and Burping

This symptom is usually a gallbladder problem due to low amounts of bile. Bile is the fluid that helps break down fats and may be thought of as a detergent that helps dissolve the grease (fat). Your gallbladder stores, concentrates, and releases bile. Bile is recycled in the body, but many people lose bile if they have high stress levels or a fatty liver.

If the gallbladder is removed, there will certainly be a deficiency in bile. Another cause of bloating, belching, or burping is a lack of stomach acid. It takes a strong acid to trigger the release of bile. Stomach acid also helps break down food higher up in the digestive tract (in the stomach), and without acid, food can end up being undigested (called indigestion). The addition of an acidifier like Apple Cider Vinegar, plus a bile supplement is the best combination to reduce this symptom and assist in the proper digestion of food. As people age, their body may lose the ability to produce stomach acid. High stress (shown with high cortisol levels), high estrogen, and high insulin levels can all reduce bile production.