7 Reasons Why the Ketogenic Diet is Best for Long Term Health

I believe the Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting lifestyle is the best diet for long-term health and my top reasons are listed below:

1. Superior fuel – Your body prefers to run on ketones rather than glucose. Boosting your ketones allows you to run leaner and efficiently, giving you more energy and vitality.

2. Boosts weight loss – If you want to lose weight, the healthy keto diet is the absolute best way to do it. Keto directly targets your fat-burning mechanisms to help you lose fat in a healthy way.

3. Improves memory – Your brain loves ketones. In fact, research suggests that ketones can help improve your memory.

4. Improves mood – The healthy keto diet helps promote normal hormone levels, which supports your overall mood. If you struggle with mood swings, this could be a huge benefit for you.

5. Rids cravings and hunger – Healthy keto gives your body the nutrients it craves so you feel full and satisfied all day long. It also helps improve your satiety hormones.

6. Improves malabsorption – Carbs and sugars cause a massive amount of inflammation and bacterial overgrowth in your gut, leading to malabsorption issues. Keto cuts out these unhealthy foods and replaces them with whole foods that promote a healthy gut.

7. Promotes healthy insulin function – Most diets include lots of sugars and carbohydrates, which, over time, can cause insulin resistance. Living the Keto lifestyle allows your body to heal and restore your natural insulin sensitivity.